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ImagineMD Awarded Level One Validation for Cost Savings by Validation Institute

11/15/21 – ImagineMD has been awarded LEVEL 1 validation for cost savings by Validation Institute. As they say on their website, “Validation Institute is dedicated to providing unbiased, data-driven insights on health care solutions…Read More

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Guide to Moving from a Fully Insured to Self-Funded Health Plan

7/9/21 – ImagineMD’s friend, Adam Russo, and his team at The Phia Group have done such an excellent job explaining self-funded health benefits and how to implement them that we asked them…Read More

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Is it Safe to Eat Indoors Again and When and Where Can We Get Vaccinated?

1/24/21 – Chicago-area and Cook County restaurants were allowed to open for indoor dining this weekend due to improving numbers of COVID-19 cases in the two areas. From the article: “The announcement…Read More

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Direct Primary Care includes Advanced Telemedicine

3/19/20 – Telemedicine—AKA doctors talking to patients on the telephone—has long been touted as a standalone service that employers can offer employees as a health benefit. Historically, employee adoption of telemedicine has…Read More

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Supporting Employee Health during the Coronavirus Pandemic

3/10/20 – Coronavirus is here. As a result, many companies have taken the drastic step of curtailing travel, encouraging employees to work from home, and canceling all non-essential in-person meetings. We don’t…Read More

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Can We Reduce Corporate Healthcare Costs while Improving Benefits?

1/29/20 – The Problem Across the United States, employers are struggling to provide affordable healthcare for their employees without compromising profitability. Employer-sponsored healthcare premiums are at an all-time high with family healthcare…Read More

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Price Transparency

7/11/19 – Lack of price transparency is one of the major reasons for the out-of-control increases in healthcare costs we’ve been seeing in this country for the last several years. For many…Read More