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blood drips from a hypodermic needle

A Novel Treatment for Addiction and Post-Traumatic Stress

7/13/17 – It’s hard to read a newspaper these days without seeing an article about the epidemic of drug use and drug overdoses sweeping the country. Addiction to all kinds of substances¬†remains…Read More

a bandaid on a palm

A Proposal To Contain Health Care Costs

1/30/11 – In two previous posts, A Prescription For The Health Care Crisis and Analysis Of The Health Care Law, I attempted to analyze the major cause of America’s skyrocketing health care…Read More

Attack Every Problem Like A Lion Traps An Ant

1/31/10 – Lately, my wife and I have been having trouble with our water heater.¬† Over the last few months we’ve been finding the blower blowing but no gas running along with…Read More