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How To Admit You’re Wrong

12/26/10 – This last summer, my wife and I had a fight.  As with many fights between married couples, the surface issue was inconsequential but housed an important issue underneath.  I’d accidentally…Read More

Transitioning To Illness

10/17/10 – Sickness, in Buddhism, is considered one of the four inescapable sufferings of life.  I’ve described some of my own misadventures with it in a previous post, Overcoming The Fear Of…Read More

How To Thwart Panic

9/26/10 – I’ve had one panic attack in my life.  It happened when I was a first-year medical student and taking my first biochemistry mid-term exam.  Everyone agreed that all our teacher’s…Read More

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When Everything Seems To Be Going Wrong

4/19/09 – I’ve had a bit of a rough week. I’ve been working as an attending physician on an inpatient service populated with incredibly sick patients, several of whom are intensely angry…Read More

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The True Cause Of Depression

3/8/09 – About two years ago a patient of mine committed suicide. When his wife, who was also my patient, told me the news at one of her visits, I was shocked….Read More