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How To Be Nice To The Ones You Love Most

7/13/14 –   Why is it we so often find ourselves treating the ones we most love the most shabbily? I don’t think, contrary…Read More

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How To Choose A Mate

8/4/13 – When searching for a mate, most of us carry around a list of criteria or qualities that we tell ourselves we’re looking for. A brief perusal of any Internet dating…Read More

Unconditional Positive Regard

10/7/12 – As the U.S. Presidential race begins to heat up in earnest, the thing that’s been mostly on my mind isn’t the economy, foreign policy, or the deficit, but rather something…Read More


7/24/11 – A relative of mine recently died, so my parents, my brothers, and I went to his funeral.  The rabbi was appropriately somber and talked about him fondly, as if she’d…Read More

When A Beloved Pet Dies

9/5/10 – Several years ago, my wife and I had to put down one of our cats.  Minnie was really my wife’s cat, having journeyed with her from Vancouver to Chicago almost…Read More