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The Danger Of Early Closure

11/28/10 – I had a patient once—a fellow physician—who came to see me complaining of mid-back pain.  When I examined him, I found I could reproduce his pain by pressing firmly on…Read More

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Criteria For Screening

11/7/10 – I had a patient once who wanted an exercise stress test even though he had neither symptoms nor risk factors to suggest the presence of coronary artery disease (such as…Read More

Transitioning To Illness

10/17/10 – Sickness, in Buddhism, is considered one of the four inescapable sufferings of life.  I’ve described some of my own misadventures with it in a previous post, Overcoming The Fear Of…Read More

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When Doctors Don’t Know What’s Wrong

4/26/09 – The first patient I ever saw as a first year resident came in with a litany of complaints, not one of which I remember today except for one: headaches. The…Read More