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How Superstitions Really Work

6/10/12 – According to a Gallup poll, almost 50 percent of Americans are superstitious, believing that certain rituals, like wearing unmatched socks, will influence the likelihood of an event, like pitching a…Read More

How To Admit You’re Wrong

12/26/10 – This last summer, my wife and I had a fight.  As with many fights between married couples, the surface issue was inconsequential but housed an important issue underneath.  I’d accidentally…Read More

If Not Now, When?

12/5/10 – A few years ago, a close friend of mine was struggling with his job.  He worked in a large corporation he couldn’t stand:  unethical business practices, employee backstabbing, and sexual…Read More

The Danger Of Early Closure

11/28/10 – I had a patient once—a fellow physician—who came to see me complaining of mid-back pain.  When I examined him, I found I could reproduce his pain by pressing firmly on…Read More

The Problem With Turning The Other Cheek

10/10/10 – In a previous post, The Three Realms Of Confidence, I told a story from my childhood (how I was bullied in seventh grade because I was Jewish) to introduce the…Read More

How To Thwart Panic

9/26/10 – I’ve had one panic attack in my life.  It happened when I was a first-year medical student and taking my first biochemistry mid-term exam.  Everyone agreed that all our teacher’s…Read More

Listening To Your Inner Voice

5/8/10 – A patient who held an upper-level management position in his company once told me the following story:  he was interviewing a candidate for a mid-level management position and thought, on…Read More