Studies show that when an employer adopts a direct primary care practice like ImagineMD into its health plan, downstream healthcare utilization—like ER visits, specialty referrals, imaging, and hospitalizations—goes down, resulting in better health for employees and significant cost savings for the health plan. At ImagineMD, we’ve been helping businesses improve the quality of healthcare their employees receive while at the same time reducing costs.


a graphic on direct primary care


But it’s no longer business as usual.


Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, downstream healthcare utilization is decreasing as employees stay at home to socially distance themselves from others.


But what happens when social distancing ends?


Pent up healthcare demand will skyrocket and so will those same downstream costs.


With the economy sliding into what may become a second Great Depression, controlling unnecessary downstream healthcare utilization to control costs has never been more important.


Isn’t it worth a phone call to find out what you can do?