Tech Ailments in America

Technology Continues to Rack Our Bodies

Just what tech-induced ailments do we suffer from, and how do we describe them? To answer this question, we conducted an extensive analysis of Google search trends and traditional media to identify how people talk about their conditions and how they search for relief.

It’s no secret we spend extraordinary amounts of time engaging with our devices. The toll this takes on our bodies manifests in two primary ways—poor posture and repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). While these woes extend far beyond the tech-obsessed, affecting everyone from machinists to musicians to gardeners, our analysis aimed strictly at tech-induced ailments.


According to recent Google search trends, these are the five things bothering us the most:


Is tech taking the same toll on people in different parts of the country? In your state, where does it hurt most? While most states follow national trends with regard to search, outliers still lurk. Below are the ailments we found to be unusually popular in each state.



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