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A Clinical Psychologist For President

5/5/13 – Of all the different criteria people use when deciding for whom to vote in presidential elections, I’ve never heard anyone talk about the importance of a background in clinical psychology—but…Read More

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Designing Scientific Experiments

11/27/11 – People sometimes argue about which scientific discovery or advance ranks as the greatest, as the most significant in the history of humankind. Popular answers include electricity, computers, immunizations, and antibiotics….Read More

The Danger Of Early Closure

11/28/10 – I had a patient once—a fellow physician—who came to see me complaining of mid-back pain.  When I examined him, I found I could reproduce his pain by pressing firmly on…Read More

The Problem With Alternative Medicine

9/12/10 – Americans spend an astounding thirty-four billion dollars on alternative medicine annually.  Given that so many of us put our faith in alternative care, I wanted to clear up some common…Read More

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When Doctors Don’t Know What’s Wrong

4/26/09 – The first patient I ever saw as a first year resident came in with a litany of complaints, not one of which I remember today except for one: headaches. The…Read More