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Why We Don’t Know Better

2/7/10 – Several years ago, someone I know told me he was contemplating divorcing his wife.  I wasn’t surprised.  He’d been unhappy in the marriage for some time—and, in my opinion, with…Read More

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The Power Of Resolve

6/28/09 – People all over the world know the story of Helen Keller, the deaf-blind girl Annie Sullivan taught to communicate by spelling letters on her hands, whose story was depicted in…Read More

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When Everything Seems To Be Going Wrong

4/19/09 – I’ve had a bit of a rough week. I’ve been working as an attending physician on an inpatient service populated with incredibly sick patients, several of whom are intensely angry…Read More

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The True Cause Of Depression

3/8/09 – About two years ago a patient of mine committed suicide. When his wife, who was also my patient, told me the news at one of her visits, I was shocked….Read More