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woman lying collapsed on a bed

When The Love Of Your Life Doesn’t Love You

10/24/10 – A few weeks ago, a friend of mine told me about a particularly painful breakup he’d gone through recently. His girlfriend had decided she no longer wanted to be with…Read More

Transitioning To Illness

10/17/10 – Sickness, in Buddhism, is considered one of the four inescapable sufferings of life.  I’ve described some of my own misadventures with it in a previous post, Overcoming The Fear Of…Read More

a sword hilt gleams in the sun

The Double-Edged Sword Of Attachment

6/14/09 – Almost ten years ago, my 15-month-old son developed a fever to 103.5 F.  Usually a champion sleeper, that night he woke several times with a frenetic look in his eyes…Read More

Letter To A Widow

2/15/09 – I remember when I first read the pathology report on my patient, Mr. Jackson (not his real name), my stomach flip-flopped.  “Adenocarcinoma of the pancreas” it said. A week later, a…Read More

man walks toward a grieving woman

Delivering Bad News

2/8/09 – My heart began pounding as I listened to the sound of the dial tone in my ear. After three rings a woman answered groggily and hesitantly, “H-hello?” “Mrs. Peterson?” I…Read More