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12/8/13 – Whatever its cause, few things interfere with our waking lives like the inability to sleep at night. Insomnia has multiple causes: anxiety, depression,…Read More

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Becoming A Citizen

12/16/12 – Approximately 2 million Americans are members of the armed forces. And each and every one of them volunteered. Whether because they felt forced to by economic, social, or philosophical reasons,…Read More

That For Which I’m Grateful

7/15/12 – Having recently finished my first book, The Undefeated Mind (due out November 6th), I find myself now feeling something I didn’t expect: gratitude. I say I didn’t expect it because…Read More

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How To Manage Frustration

2/19/12 – It’s an uncomfortable paradox that the people closest to us often frustrate us the most. My theory about this is that we all have a certain level of tolerance for…Read More

Celebrating Birthdays

6/12/11 – One week ago, my family and I celebrated my father’s 75th birthday.  Even writing that number I find shocking (probably almost as shocking as my father finds reading it).  Birthdays…Read More