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Why Raising Children Is So Hard

1/15/12 – You don’t really know what an experience is like, of course, until you have it yourself.  I remember thinking to myself when my wife and I first began discussing the…Read More


4/18/10 – “He was just…” My patient groped for the right words.  “…pretty great.” She was talking about her boyfriend—or rather, her ex-boyfriend.  He’d recently ended their relationship, and she’d come to…Read More

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The Importance Of Good Influences

3/14/10 – While I was growing up, my brothers (I’m the eldest of four boys—I know: my poor mother) often chided me for being so much like my father. I suppose it…Read More

How To Manage Anger

10/4/09 – Years ago, a hulk of a man came to see me with a lump in his neck.  He was as big as the lump was small, standing at least six…Read More

Letting Go

9/13/09 – Last week my 18 month-old son, Cruise, started Montessori preschool.  The first three days my wife and I dropped him off he cried so hard he could hardly catch his…Read More

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When Everything Seems To Be Going Wrong

4/19/09 – I’ve had a bit of a rough week. I’ve been working as an attending physician on an inpatient service populated with incredibly sick patients, several of whom are intensely angry…Read More