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Belief Contamination

12/25/11 – The abhorrence we feel when encountering beliefs that contradict our own is so universal and so powerful that it’s hard to imagine it’s the result of anything other than natural…Read More

The Two Kinds Of Belief

4/24/11 – “I don’t want to give them up,” my patient told me. “Why not?” I asked. “I’ve been reading some articles on the Internet that say they might cure me.” Tragically,…Read More

The Joy Of Not Hurrying

2/13/11 – The other day I found myself standing in a long line to buy breakfast in my hospital’s cafeteria when I noticed something that surprised me:  I wasn’t feeling annoyed at…Read More

The Three Realms Of Confidence

7/5/09 – In 1979, as I was about to enter seventh grade, my parents moved our family from one suburb of Chicago to another where we soon discovered anti-Semitism ran rampant. Changing…Read More

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Magical Thinking

5/31/09 – One of my patients suffers from chronic constipation due to irritable bowel syndrome. During the literally twenty years since she was first diagnosed, her symptom pattern has remained remarkably consistent:…Read More

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Cigarette Smoking Is Caused By A Delusion

1/25/09 – I leaned back in my chair and breathed a heavy sigh. My patient noticed my discomfort. “I know I should quit,” he told me with a guilty shrug of his…Read More