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Healthcare without insurance

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the ImagineMD Total Healthcare Solution!

Many of you have told us you’re paying too much for health insurance that you barely use—but still need—so that you can be financially protected in case of catastrophic illness or injury. Yet because of the high cost of health insurance premiums, many patients choose not to purchase health insurance and instead use ImagineMD for all their care, hoping no accident, injury, or disease occurs that requires care outside the purview of primary care. But hope isn’t a plan. Though ImagineMD physicians can take care of roughly 80% of a person’s healthcare needs over his or her lifetime, they can’t take care of everything.

An alternative to Health insurance

That’s why we created the ImagineMD Total Healthcare Solution. This exciting, cost-effective program provides our patients with a full healthcare solution. You get all of ImagineMD’s services plus healthcare cost sharing for healthcare services that are required outside the scope of primary care—cost sharing for things like a visit to the emergency room for a broken leg, an MRI, the birth of a baby, a total knee replacement, and more.

As many of you may know, beginning January 1, 2019 the individual mandate penalty for not having health insurance is being reduced to zero. Many of you have told us that you’re contemplating cancelling your healthcare insurance altogether, opting to go without any catastrophic healthcare coverage at all. We urge you not do this. If you need healthcare outside of primary care, you could face financial difficulty and even ruin. Instead, you should consider the ImagineMD Total Healthcare Solution.

The ImagineMD Total Healthcare Solution offers the perfect blend of high-touch, high-quality direct primary care wrapped in a non-insurance healthcare solution provided by our partner, Sedera, which covers you and your family for any healthcare needs you have outside of primary care.

If you’re an existing member of ImagineMD and you want cost-effective, high-quality healthcare beyond our direct primary care services, simply send us an email and we’ll send you a link to add on the Sedera coverage to your existing membership.

For individuals who don’t already have an ImagineMD membership, plans start as low as $149 per month (for ImagineMD) + $99 per month (for Sedera).* Coverage is available to individuals under 65 years of age and all family types.

If you don’t currently have a membership with ImagineMD, we encourage you to call us and speak with one of our physicians to better understand how they think about taking care of you and your family at ImagineMD, and how Sedera provides healthcare for issues that lie outside the scope of primary care. When you choose the ImagineMD Total Healthcare Solution, you’ll get concierge-level primary care and still have healthcare cost sharing from the Sedera community for any of the larger healthcare needs you may develop.

We believe so strongly that this healthcare solution is superior to all insurance-based healthcare solutions that we offer it at no cost to all our employees and their spouses and dependents as part of their benefits package. As a healthcare company committed to better outcomes both clinically and financially for our employees, we walk the walk!

If you want to better understand how the ImagineMD Total Healthcare Solution can work for you and your family, feel free to click here for more information, or call us directly at 312-374-5860.

*Assumes under the age of 30, no tobacco use, and an unsharable amount of $5,000 per need of care outside of primary care.

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  • I think if the Health Share and Mail Rx could be combined with a low cost service that handles the paperwork it would be serious competition to traditional insurance.