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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether insuring through a third-party health insurance company (by paying a flat insurance premium) or self-insuring (by paying employee medical charges directly and insuring for catastrophic expenses with stop-loss insurance), all employers want: 1) easy and quick access to healthcare for their employees to reduce employee dissatisfaction, 2) quality healthcare for their employees to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity, and 3) lower cost healthcare to reduce employer expense. The direct primary care model is uniquely suited to provide all three benefits (read about the evidence for this here).

Yes. If you pay the fees for your employees, they’re a business expense, like any other.

  • You could choose to pay our physicians’ fees in their entirety for your employees. If you happen to be switching from a low-deductible plan to a high-deductible plan to reduce premiums, you could fund the payment from premium savings.
  • If you offer an HSA or HRA, you could redirect those funds from those buckets to pay our monthly fees.
  • You could choose to deduct the entire cost of our monthly fees from your employees’ paychecks (pre-tax dollars for them).
  • You could choose to cost share our monthly fees with your employees by deducting their portion from their paychecks (still pre-tax dollars for them).
  • You could introduce our physicians to your employees to allow them to sign up on their own individually, paying for our physicians’ services out of their taxable income.
  • If you’re currently self-insured, the overutilization savings are generally greater than our monthly fees.

Identifying and treating problems early keeps employees healthy and functioning optimally. Further, the direct primary care model has been shown to significantly reduce unnecessary healthcare utilization, which decreases absenteeism. Direct primary care, or concierge medicine, also reduces delays in getting access to care, which decreases the likelihood of minor problems becoming major ones that more significantly compromise employee health and productivity.

Direct primary care practices across the country have significantly higher patient satisfaction and engagement rates than in traditional fee-for-service primary care because patients get unprecedented access to their primary care physicians and, as a result, superior care. By partnering with an ImagineMD physician, you’re able to offer your employees primary care the way it could be and should be.

To sign up your employees, please call us at (312) 374-5860 and we will put you in contact with an ImagineMD physician.

That’s entirely at your discretion. We’re able to see patients of all ages.

You should call the number on the back of your insurance card for all questions related to your employer’s health plan. We are your physicians, not your insurance plan.

No. If your company is sponsoring your membership with ImagineMD, it will pay our fees on your behalf.

No. Your medical record is protected by privacy laws and remains completely confidential.