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Employers Are Embracing Direct Primary Care

“Our current traditional primary care system has become a cattle call whose primary purpose serves the hospital systems that own them or pay them as a way to feed the more expensive and more profitable services that they offer. Direct primary care, and ImagineMD specifically, not only helps to reduce the unnecessary care that’s provided en masse in the United States, but more importantly provides such a better patient experience that employees actually speak positively and enthusiastically after their encounter with this style of care. Employers who embrace this methodology generally trade a 20% increase in their primary care spend (which frequently accounts for 2-4% of their total healthcare spend) for a 20% reduction in their outpatient and inpatient hospitalization, specialty medication, and diagnostic test spends (which frequently account for 40% of their total healthcare spend). The math is clear. The improved outcomes are clear. The value proposition is strong.”

benefit advisorDavid Contorno, Benefit Advisor and Industry Thought Leader