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The Best Investment I've Ever Made

ImagineMD is the best investment I’ve ever made. Dr. Lickerman truly takes the time to invest in you and your overall well-being. He is a firm believer that your primary care doctor should be available to you when you actually need him. When I heard this, I was greatly relieved because I’ve always had to see multiple doctors and specialists throughout my life and have had to wait weeks and sometimes months to get to appointments only to find out that I had to make another appointment. When I found out about ImagineMD, I honestly thought it was too good to be true—to have that level of service and care for so low a price. Secret: it is true. He’s constantly available. But the best part of the practice is that he’s actually invested in you and your health and takes everything into consideration rather than just focusing on the present moment. My first consultation was almost three hours long! I can’t say enough good things about ImagineMD.

young woman patientEmily G., ImagineMD patient