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The Secret To Achieving Anything You Want

6/2/13 – Evolution may have been wise in programming us all to avoid pain (given the survival advantage it clearly provides), but one important “unintended” consequence of that programming is that we…Read More

Influence vs. Control

1/1/12 – I often wish I could snap my fingers and make people do what I want.  I wish I could speed up the pace at which I achieve my goals and…Read More

How To Admit You’re Wrong

12/26/10 – This last summer, my wife and I had a fight.  As with many fights between married couples, the surface issue was inconsequential but housed an important issue underneath.  I’d accidentally…Read More

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How I Met And Married My Wife

1/24/10 – I’m the eldest of four boys. In 2002, my second-youngest brother and his wife announced they were going to have a baby. The news absolutely floored me. This would be…Read More

How To Manage Anger

10/4/09 – Years ago, a hulk of a man came to see me with a lump in his neck.  He was as big as the lump was small, standing at least six…Read More

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The Effective Use Of Silence

7/26/09 – When I was a resident, I was given the opportunity to participate in a series of seminars designed to improve my teaching skills. In one discussion group the discussion leader…Read More