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Why Raising Children Is So Hard

1/15/12 – You don’t really know what an experience is like, of course, until you have it yourself.  I remember thinking to myself when my wife and I first began discussing the…Read More

Removing A Splinter

10/23/11 – Two weeks ago, my son came home from nursery school with a splinter in his palm.  It was so small, though, I wasn’t sure if it was really there. “It’s…Read More

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Managing Chronic Pain

4/17/11 – I have a small cohort of patients who suffer chronic pain so intense and unremitting it prevents them from living normally. They often don’t work, shop, go to restaurants or…Read More

Why We Quit

1/9/11 – I’ve recently started running again after having been forced to take a four-month break by an injured knee.  This turned out to be a long enough hiatus to decondition me,…Read More

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How Touching Saves Lives

10/3/10 – When I was a fourth-year medical student, I once did a month-long rotation in the ER. One night a woman came in who we decided needed some lab work. When…Read More

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Breaking Free Of The Past

9/27/09 – As I wrote in an earlier post, The True Cause Of Cruelty, for me seventh grade was a disaster. I was persecuted by anti-Semites and so traumatized that my parents…Read More