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a woman mediates facing the sun

How To Become Mindful

3/10/13 – Research shows numerous benefits to meditation: it reduces stress, increases positive emotion, and even treats acute pain. Commonly, meditation involves focusing on one’s breathing as a way to anchor one’s…Read More

How To Ensure You’re (Almost) Always Right

2/17/13 – “Facts that challenge basic assumptions—and thereby threaten people’s livelihood and self-esteem—are simply not absorbed. The mind does not digest them.” —Daniel Kahneman There are numerous cognitive biases that threaten to…Read More

man digging into his shoulders with his hands

Managing Chronic Pain

4/17/11 – I have a small cohort of patients who suffer chronic pain so intense and unremitting it prevents them from living normally. They often don’t work, shop, go to restaurants or…Read More