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Letting Go

9/13/09 – Last week my 18 month-old son, Cruise, started Montessori preschool.¬† The first three days my wife and I dropped him off he cried so hard he could hardly catch his…Read More

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Magical Thinking

5/31/09 – One of my patients suffers from chronic constipation due to irritable bowel syndrome. During the literally twenty years since she was first diagnosed, her symptom pattern has remained remarkably consistent:…Read More

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The Good Guy Contract

5/24/09 – More than twenty years ago, the first woman I ever loved broke my heart. Like many break ups, the end came in¬†stutters and sine waves rather than as an abrupt…Read More

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Cigarette Smoking Is Caused By A Delusion

1/25/09 – I leaned back in my chair and breathed a heavy sigh. My patient noticed my discomfort. “I know I should quit,” he told me with a guilty shrug of his…Read More