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The Secret To Achieving Anything You Want

6/2/13 – Evolution may have been wise in programming us all to avoid pain (given the survival advantage it clearly provides), but one important “unintended” consequence of that programming is that we…Read More

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An Alternative to Willpower for Losing Weight

3/24/13 – A common belief, even among doctors, is that almost no one succeeds in losing weight in the long term. And for almost two decades, I’ve counted myself among the skeptics,…Read More

The Illusion Of Permanence

3/25/12 – My wife and son recently returned from a trip to Florida where they were visiting my in-laws.  They were gone for only six days, but when they returned, my son…Read More

Removing A Splinter

10/23/11 – Two weeks ago, my son came home from nursery school with a splinter in his palm.  It was so small, though, I wasn’t sure if it was really there. “It’s…Read More