Report Highlights the Benefits of Direct Primary Care to Employers (and Employees)

Direct primary care clinicians have been waiting for conclusive data that support what they’ve known all along: direct primary care results in superior healthcare outcomes and lower associated costs for corporations who elect to partner with DPC health providers. The wait is now over.

In their comprehensive report titled, Direct Primary Care: Evaluating a New Model of Delivery and Financing, the Society of Actuaries outline the incremental benefits the direct primary care model affords employees (while maintaining or reducing expense to the employer) – revealing a competitive advantage organizations can utilize to both recruit and retain talent.


Notable highlights from the report include:

Telemedicine is a fundamental component of DPC success (pre and post COVID-19):

      • 99% of all DPC practices surveyed were conducting virtual consults via text/phone as a part of the membership fee (two years prior to COVID-19).
      • 88% of DPC practices said they provided “telemedicine” benefits (including, but not limited to, expanded video or additional digital communications assets).

Enrollment in DPC is associated with a reduction in unnecessary and inappropriate referrals to health care services outside of primary care:

      • DPC members had 9% lower claim costs for employers, on an unadjusted basis, and 12.64% lower claim costs on a risk-adjusted basis during the two-year period evaluated.
      • DPC members experienced approximately 40% fewer ER visits that those in traditional plans.
      • DPC members experienced a 6% reduction in ER claims cost.
      • DPC members experienced 54% lower hospital admissions.

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